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Your first massage


When you first arrive at my comfortable home office you will fill out a short medical history. This information will help me design a massage that will address your specific needs.

Next you will privately get ready in the massage room. If you are more comfortable wearing a swimsuit or undergarments, you may do so. During the massage you will be comfortably supported by the padded massage table, pillows and bolsters. The table has a heating pad to help keep you warm. At all times during the massage you will be covered with a flannel sheet and a thick warm blanket, except for the area I am massaging.

The massage

Massage sessions typically last either one hour or one and 1/2 hours, depending on your preference and our goals for that session. Usually there is soft music playing during your massage to help create a peaceful, soothing atmosphere.

During a typical session I will massage your back, legs and feet, arms and hands, back of your neck, and head. The massage techniques I use most often are Swedish massage, deep tissue massage, and trigger point release. I have found these techniques to be a reliable means of reducing the effects of stress, relaxing and loosening tight muscles, reducing painful muscle spasms and chronic muscle tension, and relaxing and rejuvenating the whole body.

At all times I try to be sensitive to your preferences for more or less pressure in order to encourage a safe, healing, and profoundly relaxing experience.

Seated (on-site) massage

The first massage for many people is a seated massage (also called on-site massage).

Seated massage can be done anywhere, so often their first massage is at their workplace or at a special event such as a fair or festival.

On-site massages are usually about 15-minutes long and take place with the client seated in a safe upright position on a comfortable massage chair. The client always remains fully clothed and other people are usually present, so it is a convenient and safe introduction to massage.

When I do seated massages, I usually massage the back and shoulders, arms, neck and head. The client leaves feeling relaxed, refreshed and ready to return to work.